Such Class!

Written: 23/10/2008

I am about to begin the ‘official’ school term and I officially have a class – at last!  I have been promised that come Monday morning I will be the teacher of 21 Grade one children – my class is called P1 Red and now that I am at the end of today, my once messy classroom is looking half-decent.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI always loved South Africa for its uniqueness of names such as Beauty, Darling and Happy, but I have to say, I have some classics, I have a Dongki, Milk, Hero and Noon.
We all have tomorrow off and today is a Thai Public holiday but because we’re a private school, some of us are here.  We have tomorrow off because we’re going to be spending the ENTIRE weekend at school for a Thai Cultural course which ends at p.m. on Sunday evening.  This course is compulsory for me and other newbies and at the end of it we’ll get a Thai teacher’s permit.



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