“It was THIS big!”

Written: 18/1/2009

If there is one thing the Thai’s love, it’s their public holidays – if you haven’t picked it up already, many of my posts have started off with “Because we had Friday off, we decided to go to…”  So, luckily enough we had Friday off this week because it was Teacher’s Day.  Izzy and I decided we wanted to go Big Game Fishing and all week we spoke of nothing else but catching a Marlin, Sailfish or Wahoo and sending these pictures back to you with our wild fishing stories…so here they are:232323232%7Ffp53657)nu=32(9)29 )844)WSNRCG=323 39; 77(; nu0mrj

We set off from Chalong pier at 9am and the man I’d be dealing with told me that the best time for fishing had just passed and things had been quiet because of the bad weather but today’s weather looked good and we should have some luck.  (People who have been living in Thailand for a number of years say that there has been a distinct change in the climate.  It hasn’t been cold but apparently, just a little nippy and windy and it seems that that’s cold for Thailand.)  We trawled from Chalong pier to an island called Koh Racha Yai with pleasant weather.  Izzy and myself were then called inside the little fishing boat and we were explained that because they didn’t want us to all fight over the first rod that began to scream, we were to draw cards numbered Ace to 7 and that would be the order that we would reel our fish.  Obviously the first two or three people would be the only ones to get a chance seeing as it wasn’t peak season, so you can imagine our delight when, as we were sitting amidst this cabin full of oversized scary-looking German fisherman, Izzy drew the Ace!  We hadn’t had any luck by the time we reached the island and the wind had begun to pick up.  We jumped off the boat there and did some snorkelling but visibility was poor and it was too deep too see anything so I landed up just swimming instead.  After lunch on the boat, we headed around the point of the island and were given the chance to do some bottom fishing using hand lines.  This was entertaining but the wind followed us and our hopes were starting to dwindle.  Luckily someone toward the back of the boat caught a little something which kept us hoping but sadly that’s all we got on the hand lines.  Any minute now, I’m going to tell you about the screaming reels at the back of the boat (that’s what you’re thinking isn’t it?) I’m sad to say we didn’t catch anything except each other’s jokes.  We were very disappointed and contemplated photo shopping our faces into a picture of someone holding up a fish bigger than them to send home to you in true ‘fishing story’ style….I’d never do that!



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