Christmas buzz

Written: 26/11/2008
The days are blurring into weeks and although there’s no Christmas rush there is definitely a school rush.  We have mid-terms coming up (can you believe Grade one’s write exams???!!!), I have to write one subject’s paper.  We also have a Christmas play that we have to make an appearance for on Christmas Eve.  When that’s done we have to babysit the kids until their parents are done watching the show downstairs.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
One week after we return, the school celebrates Children’s day where we have to put on yet another show.  So I have to compose a dance or something with 21 eight year olds who bounce constantly and have not the foggiest idea how to co-operate unless I transform myself into a witch and threaten them with their break time…   Paul McCartney’s song sprang to mind.  It was one of my favourites as a child in the 80’s.  I always remember it  being on TV in between adverts…I always called it the frog song, but it’s called “We all stand together“.  I think it’s a classic and could work really well.  Can imagine my whole bunch of crazy little Thai frogs up on stage!  Too cute…
My next travelling stint is coming up…my tourist visa is about to expire so the time has come for me to apply for my working visa.  The cool thing is that I get to go to Malaysia for this; it has come a lot sooner than I thought it would.  I have decided to go through a company for this and I am going to be fetched late Sunday evening, travel through the night by bus to Malaysia, I assume go straight to the embassy and fill in the necessary paperwork, then I have to hang around until around closing time on Tuesday to collect my visa, then head off on the bus and arrive back home at some unmentionable hour of Wednesday morning, only to be expected at school a few hours later, seeing as Evylne, another P1 teacher has to do her visa run Wed Thur because Fri is the king’s birthday, therefore a public holiday and therefore the Thai embassy will be closed.  The King’s birthday, is known as Father’s day here – the same applies for the queen’s birthday and Mother’s day respectively.  We will also have a parade with the children to celebrate Father’s day.  I’m enjoying the wonderfully patriotic dynamic that Thailand has.



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