First day of School

Written: 13/10/2008

I spent my first day in Pre-Kindergarten today.  I haven’t started teaching yet, simply observing as I am not definitely going into that position, it will either be that one or one in primary school.  Hopefully I will know by next week.  It was a pretty eventful day and I thought I would share it with you.  My day started off with the arrival of the children, bearing in mind that these are two-and-a-half to three year olds and very precious to the parents as it’s their child’s first year at school.   A handful of kids had arrived most screaming, crying and throwing tamtrums when their parents left.  This is very normal as these are the ‘new guys’, it is their first introduction to school before ‘real school’ starts.  So, one or two parents were walking around with their children clutching to them for dear life and as I turned to look at one mother and child, the child vomited absolutely everywhere – clearly she’d had rice for breakfast.


Once I’d recovered from my own gagging, we settled into the day.  The kids were really cute, one of them looked like a mini soma-wrestler, and acted like one too.  He was leaping up and down all over the kids.  One boy he was jumping on in particular was the most chilled child I’ve ever seen because he just rolled around whenever he was jumped on.  The little girls are so gorgeous (as are the big girls) they’ve got the tiniest bodies and faces but the biggest elm-shaped eyes that gaze up at you in wonderment.  There was one little girl that was a bit bigger than the others, just before lunch time she came running to me asking me to put her pants on after she’d been to the toilet and I was suddenly sure I’d seen something that suddenly made me realise that she was a he…Surprise!


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