Chiang Mai Monks with Pick-up lines

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Written 20/03/2009 Well, the mad rush of school did end at last – my goodbyes were said and we attempted to keep our eyes dry which certainly proved harder than anticipated.  On Friday 13 March the last of the thank … Continue reading

What happens when you walk through a revolving door backwards?

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Written: 24/2/2009 School has been crazy with the approach to the end of the Thai year, which is in March.  I cannot believe I only have one week of teaching new content left, one week of review and then 1 … Continue reading

Simply Sublime Similan Islands

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Written: 18/1/2009 When I first got here, a friend of mine said his favourite part of Thailand was the Similan Islands and it was somewhere I simply had to visit while I was there.  So, on Saturday, Izzy, Ella and I set … Continue reading

“It was THIS big!”

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Written: 18/1/2009 If there is one thing the Thai’s love, it’s their public holidays – if you haven’t picked it up already, many of my posts have started off with “Because we had Friday off, we decided to go to…” … Continue reading

Full Moon Party

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Written: 4/1/2009 I was very spoilt this Christmas, I was treated to a visit from Nolan, a real life South African friend of mine!  Who I didn’t have to speak slowly or carefully to, who I didn’t have to censor … Continue reading

Feeling Krabi

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Written: 20/12/2008 Izzy and I headed off at 7:30 am on Saturday 13th December for Krabi, pronounced Cru-bee by the locals, which is located almost directly to the East of Phuket.  We were collected by the tour company and taken … Continue reading

Age is but a number

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Written: 18/11/2008 So, I have now been a Grade 1 teacher, officially for 3 weeks, I have had moments when I have screamed at my kids and my voice has broken or gone hoarse from doing too much of it. … Continue reading

Christmas buzz

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Written: 26/11/2008 The days are blurring into weeks and although there’s no Christmas rush there is definitely a school rush.  We have mid-terms coming up (can you believe Grade one’s write exams???!!!), I have to write one subject’s paper.  We … Continue reading

PG 10 This Post has no age restriction but parental guidance is advised for younger readers…

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Written: 27/10/2008 The last time I was in touch was on Thursday, so I will pick up from there…I was advised by Yolanda, a super-responsible young friend of mine, that when I was in Thailand, I had to try a Thai … Continue reading